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About Us

At Juliet, we believe in celebrating the femininity and spirit of a woman. Established in 1976, we’ve built our way up as a brand that women trust their most intimate needs with. As her precious confidant, we believe in creating intimates and apparels that complement her lifestyle, dreams and aspirations in every way. From lingerie in every style to cozy nightwear, upbeat sports apparel and even western and ethnic wear collections. We’re constantly expanding and evolving to keep up with the life of a contemporary woman. Giving her the very best of fashion, comfort and usability in her everyday life.



Mr ShashikantTrevadia was born in the sleepy hamlet of Venesar, Gujarat. A small town boy, he always carried in his heart, a big city dream. One of making it as a reputed businessman in Mumbai. Like the millions who leave home for the promise of a brighter tomorrow, he too packed his bags and boarded a train for the city of dreams. He had only Rs. 5000 in his pocket, but a tremendous amount passion and courage in tow. And those were the qualities that drove him to make Juliet the brand that it is today.

From the humble beginnings of just a 100 sq. ft. room with just 2 sewing machines, he built the company up into a brand that retails lingerie and apparels to countries around the world.

Throughout his career, Mr Trevadias always had a philanthropic approach to life. He believes in bettering not just the lives of the people around him but the community as a whole. He has a strong belief in women empowerment and is always setting an example for people around him, through his generous and noble deeds.

1976 :

In 1976, Mr Gunwant Trevadia comes to Mumbai with a small capital but a big vision. He wants to create a niche market for women’s intimate apparel in the Indian Subcontinent. Inspired by none other than the timeless classic of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the brand name is born. And within the four walls of a small 100 sq. ft. space, 2 stitching machines turn his creativity into upscale lingerie that women begin to love.

1976-1979 :

Operations shift to Dadar as the machine and manpower grow from 2 to 18. In 1979, Mr Gunwant Trevadiais joined by his younger brother Shashikant Trevadia. Together, the brothers take the business to new heights. With Mr Gunwant managing finances and Mr Shashikant at the helm of product development.

1980’S :

Women begin to appreciate the importance of undergarments in completing their look. They realize that innerwear shapes and defines outerwear. This development boosts the lingerie industry like never before. By this time, Juliet has firmly found its feet in Mumbai and now begins to spread its wings across the country.Emphasizing its commitment to uniqueness, the house begins to focus on creating products that are refined and elegant. Creating pieces that truly complement the complete woman. And as a business evolves so do the processes, with advanced machinery being introduced to a new 40,000 sq. ft. unit at Neelgiri Industrial estate. The finance division grows into a corporate set-up at Nahar Industrial Estate.

1990’S :

The 90’s usher in the gradual ascent of lingerie to the world of fashion. It’s an exciting time filled with new style codes.The novelty is that lingerie could be exposed – as long as the look is unequivocally couture. Juliet magnifies this new trend by introducing an upmarket nightwear collection in 1991, following it up with a new division of ethnic clothes in 1992.It also starts expanding its reach across international shores, exporting to countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

2000’S :

Juliet continues to shape a woman’s desire and interprets its collections with a creative sensitivity, infused a high level of elegance and style. Juliet evolves as femininity re-invents itself through different fashions and trends.And the brand grows through different new product launches and collections. Multiple production units across Mumbai help soar profits and reach, and the company prospers along with its 1500 employees.

The next generation of the family moves into the business and helps bring a fresh perspective to keep up with contemporary trends. Juliet now offers a wide array of collections ranging from lingerie to nightwear and loungewear, from western wear to ethnic wear.


The company has invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mumbai, spanning across an area of 2.5 lakh square feet and employs over 2000 people. Of these, 90% are women, who the company empowers through employment opportunities.


At Juliet, women are the most important part of the company’s journey. And with each passing decade, we hope to understand their stories, struggles and aspirations better. We believe in creating products that address the challenges a woman faces through every phase of her life and turn it into a beautiful celebration. We were one of the first few companies in the country to address their maternity needs. Creating a maternity wear range to enhance the experience of motherhood, through apparel that truly understands them. We were also one of the pioneering brands to popularize ‘period panties’ so that women can stay comfortable and happy every day of the month.

It has been our privilege to provide Mastectomy Bra to cancer survivors, absolutely free of cost. Customers who wish to avail this benefit can contact the nearest retailer selling Juliet products or mail us directly cancerbra@julietindia.com.

The secret to our success has been our uncompromising belief in creating comforting and quality products for women. ‘A complete woman’is our motto, one that has paved its way for the huge success of our brand. Juliet is available at every major outlet and brand across the country, ensuring each reach and a swift 24-hour delivery policy. In order to do so, distributors and agents are appointed in all major metros and state capitals of the country. Today, we have expanded our distribution to over 12000 MBOs and continue to extend our reach to women across India and abroad.

2000: Won Best Display Award conferred by The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India at 43rd National Garments Fair.

2003: Won the most coveted First APEX Award for Best Lingerie Brand instituted by The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.

VISION 2025 : The way ahead…

Juliet has been seeing a steady growth in their business, with a vision to spread its wings and soar to new heights.

  • 25 EBOs across the country
  • Regional offices pan India
  • International collaborations